porting question (rubygem related)

Loïc BLOT loic.blot at unix-experience.fr
Fri Oct 4 21:08:00 UTC 2013

Hello @ports,
i'm trying to port gitlab to FreeBSD ports (and also to train to build a
complex port).

At this time, i have done installation tasks but now i'm checking
dependencies. Gitlab uses bundler to install its dependencies but i want
to use FreeBSD ports too.
Then i have install all ports i can install but there is some missing

What are the conditions for rubygems to be added to FreeBSD port tree ?
Must I add all missing dependencies to FreeBSD ports tree or can i use a
patched gemfile for bundler to add only the missing deps ?

Have you got suggestions about a so big port ?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Loïc BLOT, 
UNIX systems, security and network engineer

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