[CFT] Fixing/changing LIB_DEPENDS

olli hauer ohauer at gmx.de
Thu Jun 13 16:58:21 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-13 15:07, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a patch to fix LIB_DEPENDS.
> First what is/are the problem of LIB_DEPENDS.
> LIB_DEPENDS relies on of ldconfig -r to get its valid or not installed shared
> libraries, problem is:
> liba-5.2.so and liba-5.so.2 will both be a-5.2 for ldconfig -r, which is not
> really what we want.
> secondly ldconfig -r is only able to print something for libraries in the form
> of: lib<name>.so[.number], while we have no technical limitation to enforce this
> form and it is more and more common to find libraries in the following form:
> lib<name>.so.major.minor.patch and to get them working properly right know we
> have to patch the upstream build system, to send some magic tricks on libtool
> etc, all that kind of things all of us loves to deal with.
> What I do propose is a new form of LIB_DEPENDS in addition to the current one:
> LIB_DEPENDS=	bla.so[numberwithlongorwhatever]:${PORTSDIR}/cat/bla
> What the framework will do, is lookup in all libraries directories for
> libbla.so[numberwithdotsorwhatever] test if it exists (test -f also validate the
> symlink is pointing to a regular file) if /usr/bin/file is present on your
> system it will validate the pointed file is really a shared library.
> Any review welcome: http://people.freebsd.org/~bapt/fix-libdepends.patch
> This idea behind this patch is on mid/long term to remove the other LIB_DEPENDS
> forms.
> I do plan to commit this on next friday 2013-06-21.
> regards,
> Bapt


so this is a modern extended incarnation of the old LIB_DEPENDS notation
For example pcre.3:... becomes pcre:...

Isn't this something that can be handled with some additional code in pathfix?


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