[CFT] Fixing/changing LIB_DEPENDS

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 13 13:07:34 UTC 2013


Here is a patch to fix LIB_DEPENDS.

First what is/are the problem of LIB_DEPENDS.

LIB_DEPENDS relies on of ldconfig -r to get its valid or not installed shared
libraries, problem is:
liba-5.2.so and liba-5.so.2 will both be a-5.2 for ldconfig -r, which is not
really what we want.

secondly ldconfig -r is only able to print something for libraries in the form
of: lib<name>.so[.number], while we have no technical limitation to enforce this
form and it is more and more common to find libraries in the following form:
lib<name>.so.major.minor.patch and to get them working properly right know we
have to patch the upstream build system, to send some magic tricks on libtool
etc, all that kind of things all of us loves to deal with.

What I do propose is a new form of LIB_DEPENDS in addition to the current one:
LIB_DEPENDS=	bla.so[numberwithlongorwhatever]:${PORTSDIR}/cat/bla

What the framework will do, is lookup in all libraries directories for
libbla.so[numberwithdotsorwhatever] test if it exists (test -f also validate the
symlink is pointing to a regular file) if /usr/bin/file is present on your
system it will validate the pointed file is really a shared library.

Any review welcome: http://people.freebsd.org/~bapt/fix-libdepends.patch

This idea behind this patch is on mid/long term to remove the other LIB_DEPENDS

I do plan to commit this on next friday 2013-06-21.

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