Suggesting a new experimental fork for ports tree

Jože Zobec jozze.zepl at
Wed Jun 12 18:04:32 UTC 2013

Dear all!

I have a suggestion, which may help decrease the time needed for certain
ports to enter into the ports tree.

The division of the base system into different forks like 9-STABLE,
8-STABLE, 10-CURRENT, 9.1-RELENG, 9.0-RELENG and so on is a great idea.
This way, people can checkout the version that suits them best, and join in
to help as developers, or as testers. I suggest a similar approach for the
ports tree.

Currently there are more than 150 new ports waiting to be accepted into the
ports tree (those PRs still remain open). Some of them are awaiting
confirmation even from 2010.

 I suggest an experimental fork of the ports tree, which would include
volatile ports, that wouldn't necessarily build (or even if they did,
building them could have a serious impact on the system), and people who
would be checking out this fork could help debug them. Also, restrictions
to get your port committed in this ports tree would be lesser -- it would
be pretty easy for even a bad port to get inside, but until the port issues
are resolved, the port would stay there (potentially indefinitely, unless
the norms are met).

Apart from the maintainer of the port, there would also be "sub"
maintainerswhich would be those people who helped patch the port into the
good shape:

# make -C /usr/ports/section/someport maintainer

would return the maintainer (1st address) and additional addresses to turn
for questions. When the port would be committed to the "good" ports tree,
sub-maintainers would be left out.

It's just an idea. It may happen, that the community wouldn't be as helping
or as motivated as I think, so it could be there on trial for a few months
to see what would happen.

Best regards,


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