Boston Strong: Marc Mysterio & Flo Rida Team on Charity Release (Preview Here)

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Sat Jun 8 00:02:14 UTC 2013

	Marc Mysterio & Flo Rida Team Up On Charitable Exclusive Release to Benefit ‘One Fund Boston’ (Marathon Bombing Victims)

	BOSTON, JUNE 7h, 2013/WCR/ Globe-Trotting DJ/Producer Marc Mysterio teams up with Flo Rida on a release for charity entitled ‘Booty On The Floor’.

	The Song will be available Monday, exclusively on Beatport.

	All net proceeds from the Beatport Release will go to the families affected by the Tragic April 15th Marathon Attack in Boston via, a charity set up by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

	“God Bless the families affected by the Boston Marathon Explosion, I'm praying for you all” notes Flo Rida, via Twitter.

	The catchy refrain goes, 'Put your Booty on the Floor' (sampled from Flo Rida's 'Respirator' under license from Atlantic Records and Rhino Entertainment, companies of Warner Music Group) which is accompanied by a melodic arpeggio piano riff and a massive electro lead.

	“For me, ‘Put Your Booty On The Floor’ is a paraphrased way to say ‘Call to action’ and ‘get in gear’ which honors the first responders in Boston, as well as those whom acted on impulse to care for the wounded. By supporting them now, we are getting our collective booties ‘On The Floor’” notes Marc Mysterio, whom himself lived in Boston for many years.

	A promotional video to push the charitable effort and song was posted on YouTube this morning featuring Bangkok-Based Viral Tutting Star Billy Chuchat.


	The YouTube Video for ‘Booty On The Floor’ has been monetized and all revenue earned from views of it via YouTube will go to One Fund Boston as well.

	Therefore, please view the video and share/re-post it everywhere to give to the families in need by watching the song's Video:

	People can support the effort by tweeting #bootyonthefloor with the link of the YouTube Video below.  

	Complimentary Copies of 'Booty On The Floor' for Media and DJs are available upon request.



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