JVM panic when build openjdk7 on private FreeBSD 8.2

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd8 at klop.yi.org
Sat Jun 1 22:29:35 UTC 2013

On Thu, 30 May 2013 02:53:01 +0200, Xu Zhe <xzpeter at gmail.com> wrote:

> 于 5/30/13 1:42 AM, Chris Rees 写道:
>> On 29 May 2013 09:28, Peter Xu <xzpeter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi, all,
>>> I got strange issue when trying to build opendjk7 using ports utility  
>>> on a
>>> private-built FreeBSD 8.2 system. Here is the output of make:
>> <snip>
>> I'm going to suggest that you upgrade to FreeBSD 8.3-- it's not a big
>> jump, so it shouldn't break anything.
>> Unfortunately ports can't be tested on unsupported versions, and 8.3
>> has been out over a year now.
>> However, I've added java@ in case they have any suggestions.
>> Chris
> Hi, Chris,
> Thanks for the mail.
> The problem is, the target FreeBSD 8.2 system has been heavily hacked  
> (on both kernel and libc, as far as I know), and they have been doing  
> system test for months. If we (or say they) do the swtich, the porting  
> of the kernel part will be huge, and test results in the past months  
> will be wasted. So I suppose that is not the working solution for my  
> case. :(
> BTW, I would appreciate if anyone can tell me why build java need java  
> support?

I don't know the internals of building Java, but with compilers it is  
generally a chicken-and-egg-problem. How do you compile the compiler? The  
compiler javac is written in Java, so you need java to build it.
But you can build a pkg of java on another machine and copy it.
Or it might work to use a ports tree of FreeBSD 8.2.

Didn't try, buy might be worth a try.


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