portsnap and the imminent demise of svn->cvs ports tree export

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 25 12:06:25 UTC 2013

> >Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 12:01:05 +1100

> How do you work that out?  None of the headers you've included show
> any problem.  John sent his mail at 010105UT on 21st, and your headers
> say you received it at 095334UT on 21st - nearly 9 hours later.  The
> X-Apparently-To header is 010132UT on the 21st (about 3s after FreeBSD
> forwarded it to me, se quite realistic).

> --
> Peter Jeremy

I think I might have misread something mentally transferring 3 at the end of 
2013 to make Jan 21 into Jan 23: maybe the wrong time of day, too late going
to bed.


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