portsnap and the imminent demise of svn->cvs ports tree export

Simon L. B. Nielsen simon at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jan 23 11:20:38 UTC 2013

On 21 January 2013 01:01, John Marshall
<john.marshall at riverwillow.com.au> wrote:
> We are on notice that the current ports tree will be soon no longer
> available via CVSup and friends.  General consumers of the FreeBSD ports
> tree are being encouraged to switch to portsnap.
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-ports-announce/2013-January/000049.html
> The presence of the file LASTCOMMIT.txt, and the content of the
> $FreeBSD$ lines, in a portsnap-generated ports tree indicate that
> portsnap sources its data from a CVS export of the tree.  Are there

That is correct.

> plans to migrate the portsnap source to the subversion tree before the
> end of February?

Colin is working right now at migrating it. As it is a somewhat larger
task (it also includes some cleanup of the portsnap codebase) it
hasn't been done yet.

I can guarantee that we will not make portsnap stop working by killing
svn2cvs for ports before portsnap is migrated, but I don't think it
should be a problem.

While portsnap hasn't run as reliably as we want over the last two
month due to high churn of changes on the FreeBSD.org sites (as we
have basically been redoing all infrastructure for scratch) it is
fully supported by clusteradm/security-officer. (Lack of monitoring
after the security incident has also really hurt us, but that's coming
back these days).

PS. I consider it a very fair question.

PPS. portsnap build recently moved to a new server which decreased the
portsnap build time so changes should now show up even faster in

Simon L. B. Nielsen
Hat: FreeBSD.org clusteradm and FreeBSD Security Officer

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