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Joseph A. Nagy, Jr jnagyjr1978 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 14:44:47 UTC 2013

On 01/22/13 07:00, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Guido Falsi <mad at madpilot.net> wrote:
>> If you use small modifications on a ingle system(or just a few) you
>> could track the ports tree with subversion, which will be happy to
>> keep and try to merge your local modifcations. You can also diff and
>> revert your modifications using it, which can be quite handy.
>> Disvantage is you will sometime need to merge conflicts which could
>> require you to study subversion more than what you really want.
> Ok, subversion came also to my mind but I guess portsnap is faster then
> svn is. The thing with svn is, that I would always need to examine the
> logs if there where conflicts generated.
> I don't want to keep my local changes. I would like to have command
> which just gets me a 1:1 copy of the "current" ports tree and deletes
> or overwrites my local changes. There is nothing I want to get merged.

I use svn in a cron job to update my ports tree and the few times I make 
a local change I don't think I've ever had it stay past the next update. 
I don't issue any special commands, just 'svn up /usr/ports' via cron 
(along with a check to see what's been updated). I know when I run it 
manually and there is a conflict, it will tell me about a merge-conflict 
and ask me which file to keep (mine or theirs), selecting theirs, afaik, 
overwrites my local file.

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