portsnap - overwrite local changes

Guido Falsi mad at madpilot.net
Tue Jan 22 12:27:24 UTC 2013

On 01/22/13 13:10, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Hi,
> in case I made some local modifications to a ports Makefile.... in the
> past with CVSup it was "easy" to get everything back in-sync by just
> running CVSup. With portsnap fetch update, my modified Makefile stays
> modified. What is the suggested way in syncing my local portstree 1:1
> with the official portstree?

If you use small modifications on a single system(or just a few) you 
could track the ports tree with subversion, which will be happy to keep 
and try to merge your local modifications. You can also diff and revert 
your modifications using it, which can be quite handy.

Disvantage is you will sometime need to merge conflicts which could 
require you to study subversion more than what you really want.

If instead you have modifications to your ports tree you want to merge 
to more than just a few machines(more than two, is already enough) I 
suggest you investigate ports-mgmt/portshaker.

It allows you to overlay the ports tree with your modifications. You can 
track your modifications using some VCS (subversion, or git if you like 
it more for example) and just make the various machines pull the 
official tree, your modifications and merge them.

It does require that you keep your local modifications up to date anyway 

Hope this helps.

Guido Falsi <mad at madpilot.net>

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