Status of ports update submitted 2 months ago

b.f. bf1783 at
Fri Jan 4 22:55:07 UTC 2013

Michael wrote:
>Dear FreeBSD community,
>2 months ago I submitted four port updates related to the
>ocaml/language. The PRs used to be listed by portsmon but I recently
>noticed they disappeared. [1]
>How can I help to let these changes go into our ports tree?
>The four PRs are
>2012/11/04    ports/173362        devel/ocaml-calendar Update to 2.03.2
>2012/11/04    ports/173364        *lang/ocaml Update to 4.00.1
>2012/11/07    ports/173438        *lang/tuareg-mode.el
>2012/11/07    ports/173453        *graphics/ocaml-images Update to 4.0.1

I didn't see these -- I'll try to resolve at least 173364 and 173453.
I think portsmon has some problems with PR links since the disruption
of services following the security breach, but the PRs should still be
in the database.  The ports tree was partially frozen for a while
before the release of 9.1, and some of these couldn't have been
handled during that period.


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