Status of ports update submitted 2 months ago

Michael Grünewald michaelgrunewald at
Fri Jan 4 22:11:57 UTC 2013

Dear FreeBSD community,

2 months ago I submitted four port updates related to the
ocaml/language. The PRs used to be listed by portsmon but I recently
noticed they disappeared. [1]

How can I help to let these changes go into our ports tree?

The four PRs are

2012/11/04    ports/173362        devel/ocaml-calendar Update to 2.03.2
2012/11/04    ports/173364        *lang/ocaml Update to 4.00.1
2012/11/07    ports/173438        *lang/tuareg-mode.el
2012/11/07    ports/173453        *graphics/ocaml-images Update to 4.0.1

(The star * indicates PRs associated to ports that I do maintain.)


Best Regards,
Michael Grünewald

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