www/geneweb-5.02 Outdated, Won't Compile.

Alex Stangl alex at stangl.us
Thu Jan 3 02:56:40 UTC 2013

On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 08:05:58PM -0700, John Jones wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
> The port www/geneweb is severely out of date, the up to date version is
> 6.06 and has been actively maintained over the last several months with the
> latest release being a few days ago.
> http://opensource.geneanet.org/projects/geneweb/wiki/En_home
> The current port is marked: BROKEN and will not build. the 6.06 version
> does build but requires the ocaml-camlp5 and ocaml-lablgtk2 ports to
> build/run. Please update the geneweb port to reflect this new version and
> please provide an rc script for startup on boot.

Hi John,

I made a similar post about a month ago, and then took over geneweb port
maintainance to fix the breakage. I submitted an update PR a month ago:
however it's not been acted upon. I emailed a couple folks, but was
told I need to be patient, that some committer will eventually pick
it up.

The "system" seems broken in that there is this huge backlog of 
PRs that get handled in seemingly random order. Allowing port
maintainers to perform commits to their own ports seems a sensible fix,
and something that svn is capable of.

My PR 174068 was to update geneweb to 6.05 since 6.06 was not yet out.
I included an rc script for startup, but I did not see any dependency
upon ocaml-lablgtk2. Can you point out to me where that dependency comes
from? Something new in 6.06, perhaps? Can you take a look at the patch
included at the above URL and let me know what you think?



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