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Dr Tarek El-Kiki telkiki at
Tue Apr 30 09:40:05 UTC 2013

Dear Admins,


I had an issue with regex statements on SquidGuard-1.4_4 which I addressed
with SquidGuard people, as per my embedded message below, and the solution
for that issue was to use a better version of SquidGuard.


As I found squidGuard-1.5_b, it was in the format that I wouldn't be able to
install on my pfSense box, as I do with SquidGuard-1.4_4. For one and half
months I have been looking around for someone to help producing the suitable
squidGuard package, until I was given your email address in the hope that
you would help me.


The required file is found at: 


I shall be more than grateful if you could help me with this request.


Hope to hear from you very soon.


Best regards.



Dr Tarek El-Kiki


International Academy of Higher Education, Australia, Pty Ltd

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T. +61 2 9750 4616

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   Hi Dr Tarek,



> Please kindly pay this message your immediate attention as my request 

> is of a significant nature to me and my family.


> I'm running pfSense with great squid and squidGuard packages. On 

> squidGuard lies my problem as follows:


> I have a blacklist of bad words that are blocked if they are used on 

> any web search engine. Examples of those words are: anal, ass, bum 

> bra, butt, cum, dick, lust, tit.


> On the other hand, normal words that contain any of these previous 

> words as part of their structures are accordingly blocked. Examples of 

> those good words are: analog, canal, analysis, asset, compass, album, 

> brand, button, circumstance, dickson, illustrate, repetition.


> My suggested solution is to use "word boundary \b" regex on those bad

> Hence, \banal\b, or \blust\b will block only anal or lust but not 

> analysis or illustrate. Unfortunately this solution is not working on

> What is actually blocked is the expression itself, so \banal\b and 

> \blust\b are blocked and anal or lust are passed!!


   Which version of squidGuard are you using? My current installation runs

   1.5-alpha and the following expressionlist seems to work correctly:




   This block all searches for anal and cum but not canal or circumstance.

   Can you please try this version?


   Kind Regards,


   Christine Kronberg.


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