help with packaging squidGuard beta

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Tue Apr 30 14:29:32 UTC 2013

On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 4:27 AM, Dr Tarek El-Kiki <telkiki at>wrote:

> Dear Admins,
> I had an issue with regex statements on SquidGuard-1.4_4 which I addressed
> with SquidGuard people, as per my embedded message below, and the solution
> for that issue was to use a better version of SquidGuard.
> As I found squidGuard-1.5_b, it was in the format that I wouldn't be able
> to
> install on my pfSense box, as I do with SquidGuard-1.4_4. For one and half
> months I have been looking around for someone to help producing the
> suitable
> squidGuard package, until I was given your email address in the hope that
> you would help me.
> The required file is found at:
> I shall be more than grateful if you could help me with this request.

To create a squidGuard-1.5 port, just do the following:

    cd /usr/ports/www
    cp -rp squidguard squidguard15
    cd squidguard15

Edit the Makefile:
- changing PORTVERSION to DISTVERSION with value 1.5-beta
- check with SquidGuard people to see if the below patch files are already
part of squidGuard 1.5-beta.
--  If they are or you don't use this feature, remove them from the ports
--  If they are not and you use this feature, you will need to recreate the


    make makesum

Try to install the port

    make install

NOTE:  You may have to adjust the pkg-plist if the port installs additional
or less files.


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