poudriere sillieness re audio/libsamplerate & glib20

John Marino freebsdml at marino.st
Tue Apr 9 08:44:19 UTC 2013

On 4/9/2013 10:33, Beeblebrox wrote:
>>> How do you know it's supposed to be glib20 and not _glib20?
> I don't, but what I DO know is that after the 2 corrections (star1 and 2
> from post #2), the error messages in the form of 'Unknown component _glib20'
> cleared out and the dependent ports got built by poudriere. So that was
> Makefile related. If not, suggest how it is to be fixed so that the error no
> longer occurs.
>>> Evenmore you haven't shown anything that would point to a problem in
>>> poudriere itself.
> a. First item in post #1? I asked if there is a way to get libsamplerate in
> poudriere
> b. My thread is not limited to problems with 2 ports, since there are a good
> number of problems which I am posting as fast as much as I can gather the
> details.
> c. As posted in #2: colord-0.1.20_1, libsoup-2.42.0, wxgtk2-common-2.8.12
> get built on host but not in poudriere. As shown, the errors are trivial
> (like 'cannot find sqlite3' when the sqlite3.txz is in fact located in the
> repo)  and furthermore, packages built manually and placed in the common
> repo are summarily deleted by poudriere at repo-check stage.
> What more does one need before referring to all of this as "sillieness"? I
> do not know where the source problem lies exactly, so I am reporting my
> findings.

I am regularly building every port in bulk in poudriere, and I don't see 
these errors.  I suspect if you start with a clean slate and the latest 
ports tree in poudriere, you won't see them either.

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