Wouter Verhelst w at
Thu Apr 4 08:26:27 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

FreeBSD has been carrying an nbd-server port since a while. However,
it's not been updated in a very long time now (2.8.5 is over 5 years
old). I'm not a FreeBSD user myself, but the most recent upstream
version *should* just work (at the very least I know its test suite
finds no problems on Debian kFreeBSD).

I'd appreciate it if you could either update it to something not so
horribly outdated, or (failing that) remove it.


Copyshops should do vouchers. So that next time some bureaucracy
requires you to mail a form in triplicate, you can mail it just once,
add a voucher, and save on postage.

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