FreeBSD in Google Code-In 2012? You can help too!

Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Wed Oct 24 22:36:51 UTC 2012

(cc'ing -ports and cutting most of the rest)

> From: Eitan Adler 
>On 24 October 2012 13:24, Fernando Apesteguía wrote:
>> Also related to that, what about writing a section about redports[1]
>> in the porter's handbook[2]?
>This is a good documentation task... but we need more *coding* tasks as well.

We do need to port and test patch (1) from NetBSD or DragonFly to replace
GNU patch, and this shouldn't be difficult.

I would guess there are other interesting possibilities in the ports tree and
new ports count as coding:

So i guess we need porting mentors.


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