zsh/pkg - solaris completions used for pkgNG

gtodd at bellanet.org gtodd at bellanet.org
Thu Oct 18 15:08:08 UTC 2012

Just a heads up (or reminder) to zsh and pkg maintainers that - at least 
with zsh-5.0 - zshell's completion is picking up solaris pkg commands as 
targets. I remember a discussion of tab completion targets for pkgNG from 
several months ago but I'm not sure this particular issue was raised.


~/ % pkg info -x pkg- zsh
pkg-1.0.1                      New generation package manager
zsh-5.0.0                      The Z shell

~/ % pkg [TAB]
add-property-value     list                   unavoid
avoid                  mediator               unfreeze
change-facet           property               uninstall
change-variant         publisher              unset-mediator
contents               purge-history          unset-property
facet                  rebuild-index          unset-publisher
fix                    refresh                update
freeze                 remove-property-value  update-format
help                   revert                 variant
history                search                 verify
image-create           set-mediator           version
info                   set-property
install                set-publisher

The completions come from:


A fix is to write completion for pkgNG one day ;-) or, for now, to simply 
remove that file from the zsh port. My guess is the _pkg5 functions can be 
hacked a bit to fit the needs of a very simple pkgNG but I haven't started 
doing that yet.



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