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On 2012-10-09 17:15:47 -0400, Patrick Lamaiziere wrote:
> Hello,
> I do not see the point to keep diablo-jdk as a build dependency of 
> java. Is there something that prevent us to distribute a package
> of openjdk, just to be able to built a native version of openjdk
> or sunjdk ?

No.  The only problem is we have to provide entire sources + our
patches along with the tarball *somewhere*, just to comply with GPL.

> I'm tired of the "fetch the diablo-jdk from FreeBSD and agree with 
> the license". And even more since I use poudriere to build 
> packages.
> The FreeBSD java support is not bad (I'm happy with it, I can do 
> all my Java developpement on FreeBSD using netbeans and openjdk) 
> but this dependency on diablo really sucks. We don't need this 
> IMO.

There are actually two possibilities, i.e., a) build openjdk from
completely open-sourced and bootstrap-less environment or b)
distribute special binary openjdk tarballs only for bootstrapping.  b)
is pretty straight forward (albeit the source distribution problem)
and I am working on it as an interim solution.  A preliminary port is

However, I believe a) is the ultimate solution, e.g., ECJ/GCJ + GNU
classpath + CacaoVM/JamVM/Avian, etc.  (VMKit/LLVM is in my wildest

Jung-uk Kim
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