help wanted: ports for the Netmagis software

olli hauer ohauer at
Tue Oct 9 18:38:04 UTC 2012

On 2012-10-09 14:27, Pierre DAVID wrote:
> Hi,
> would anybody help me to bring these ports in final shape such as
> they could be included in the ports tree?
> Thanks in advance,
> Pierre David

Hi David,

I haven't tried a test build and your ports are looking good at the first investigate.

Anyway I have some minor changes.

- adopt new makefile header (all Makefiles)

- netmagis-common
 - no entries after (netmagis-common)
 - distinfo is out of date (what was changed ? same version number)
 - use LOGIN instead DEAMON in rc scripts (user->rancid)

- netmagis-database
 - is it possible to change /usr/local/var/netmagis to /var/netmagis?
   or is this directory similar to the rancid repo dirs and adjustable?

- netmagis-www
 - is it possible to use a common WWWDIR together with netmagis-metro?
   if yes, we can set a common WWWDIR in netmagis-common and adjust

- a couple of dirrm -> dirrmtry
   where I suspect tmp files or user data which should be
   protected during updates, but you should know the places better then I ;)

Could you take a look into the following diff and maybe test the WWWDIR adjustments.


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