ports for Oracle and DB2 database servers

Egidijus Paliulis egidijus at it.su.lt
Tue Oct 9 13:26:53 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have a suggestion for Oracle Database Server and IBM DB2 Database Server/Clients ports in FreeBSD. Oracle and IBM DB2 Database Servers are quite popular in the World like DBMS. Some companies use Oracle or DB2 Database Servers for data storage and they refuse to use FreeBSD (choose Linux/Windows), because Oracle and DB2 it is not supported by FreeBSD. There is no special packages or ports for it's installation.
At present time we have situation:
  a.. Oracle -> only ports for Oracle client, ODBC, JDBC and etc., but there is no Oracle Database Server port (special port for Oracle Database server installation). 
  b.. IBM DB2 -> Doesn't exist totally.
Oracle and IBM companies have free to develop, free to deploy and free to distribute versions:
  a.. Oracle Database Express Edition (free edition) -> http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/products/express-edition/overview/index.html ; 
  b.. IBM DB2 Express-C (free edition) -> http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/db2/express/download.html .
So, it’s needed only prepare it for FreeBSD. 

I hear that it's possible to install Oracle like Linux Binary Compatibility -> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/linuxemu-oracle.html , but it's uncomfortable and somewhat complicated. Special installation ports or package it will be better. 

Please, think about it.

Best regards,

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