Building Ports: Is there a "make" equivalent for --batch ?

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Mon Oct 8 08:37:48 UTC 2012

from Polytropon:

> A workaround (and not directly the answer to your question) is
> to process the config dialogs before starting the build:

>         # make config-recursive

> Once set, the options won't be requested on a second run.
> According to "man 7 ports", there's a BATCH setting, but
> it is descibed as:

>         If defined, only operate on a port if it can be
>         installed 100% automatically.

This helps ("make config-recursive"), but depending on options chosen and 
resulting added dependencies, the config dialog can appear again.  So I run
"make config-recursive" repeatedly until it just returns to shell prompt.
That works most of the time.

My biggest reason for doing this is to be able to run the portmaster or make
command with "|& tee build.log" at the end, and config dialog is very
hostile to this.  It is also helpful to be able to allow a long portmaster or
portupgrade, or package build, to run unattended.


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