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Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 21:36:16 UTC 2012

All the platforms that I run on, FreeBSD and PC-BSD, are all 64 bit.  My son is running 64 bit versions of Windoze 7.  The machines have 8 GB and dual core processors.  (AMD Procs).  

I seem to have to problems:

1) Installing and running wine correctly.
2) Getting the games to install and run correctly.

The problem with WinE and getting something to run under it is problematic as something not running under WinE could be a bad install/config of WinE or the software I'm trying to run under WinE.  

Thanks for the help on resolving this.

I'd really like to run anything/everything under WinE for Windoze apps.  


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Wine itself or games under wine? What are the issues?

2012/10/6 Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at yahoo.com>

I have had a really difficult time getting wine to run on PC-BSD and FreeBSD.  Nothing seems to work correctly.  Is there a simple document to get this to work?
>If I can get it to work, there's probably a good chance I can move the boy (and others) over to PC-BSD.
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>On 6 October 2012 04:52, Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Good day, ports!
>> Something that I have noticed in the world of home desktops....  although *BSD is total server package and I can do many things.....
>> The StEam platform from ValVe corp is a large step in gaming at this point.
>> I have a 13 year old who has a slew of friends on this gaming platform.  Minecraft was a huge leap for gaming on the desktop on PC-BSD.  My son loves using it on PC-BSD but STEAM is where he is spending more than half his time.... on Windoze!!
>> StEam is in the process of moving over to Linux. Please don't fall behind in the effort of bringing this platform to BSD.
>Don't be fooled-- the people responsible for bringing Steam to Linux
>are the guys at Valve, not the "Linux people", whoever they are.
>Being non-free software, we are almost powerless in porting it.  It
>does run great under Wine however.
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