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Wine itself or games under wine? What are the issues?

2012/10/6 Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at yahoo.com>

> I have had a really difficult time getting wine to run on PC-BSD and
> FreeBSD.  Nothing seems to work correctly.  Is there a simple document to
> get this to work?
> If I can get it to work, there's probably a good chance I can move the boy
> (and others) over to PC-BSD.
> P.
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> To: Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at yahoo.com>
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> On 6 October 2012 04:52, Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Good day, ports!
> >
> > Something that I have noticed in the world of home desktops....
> although *BSD is total server package and I can do many things.....
> > The StEam platform from ValVe corp is a large step in gaming at this
> point.
> >
> > I have a 13 year old who has a slew of friends on this gaming platform.
> Minecraft was a huge leap for gaming on the desktop on PC-BSD.  My son
> loves using it on PC-BSD but STEAM is where he is spending more than half
> his time.... on Windoze!!
> >
> > StEam is in the process of moving over to Linux. Please don't fall
> behind in the effort of bringing this platform to BSD.
> Don't be fooled-- the people responsible for bringing Steam to Linux
> are the guys at Valve, not the "Linux people", whoever they are.
> Being non-free software, we are almost powerless in porting it.  It
> does run great under Wine however.
> Chris
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