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Fri Nov 16 16:30:49 UTC 2012

On 11/16/12 09:29, Eitan Adler wrote:
> On 16 November 2012 09:36, Joseph a Nagy Jr <jnagyjr1978 at> wrote:
>> I'm tired of getting the third degree on irc because of this even though
>> it's not something I have control over.
>> When I point someone to the User's handbook for using svn[0] instead of
>> portsnap, I always seem to receive flack that the handbook points users
>> to checkout on the central svn repo. I can see the wisdom in using a
>> mirror, but I cannot fix the handbook and am frankly tired of being
>> yelled at. Please fix this.
> There is nothing wrong with using the central SVN server - it can
> handle the load.
> Use of a mirror is more for reduced latency on the downloader's part.

Not according to the folks on ##freebsd, and I quote:

Nov 16 08:15:31 <jimmiejaz>	gah, portsnap appears still busted :(
Nov 16 08:15:58 <AlexNagy>	jimmiejaz: use svn (:
Nov 16 08:16:26 <jimmiejaz>	I'd rather not mix-match
Nov 16 08:18:14 *	villy has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
Nov 16 08:18:34 <AlexNagy>	jimmiejaz: so don't? rm -rf /usr/ports; svn
checkout /usr/ports
Nov 16 08:20:10 <AlexNagy>	then svn update afterwards, that way all that
is downloaded is what is actually updated.
Nov 16 08:22:24 *	dial_up has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Nov 16 08:23:24 <frogs>	you can save more space by removing debug from
Nov 16 08:23:45 <toropisco>	Just don't use It is rate
limited and where the devs work. Rather use a read-only mirror.
Nov 16 08:24:16 <AlexNagy>	toropisco: that needs to be noted in the
handbook, then.
Nov 16 08:24:22 <jimmiejaz>	when svn is in the base system, I'll use it.
Nov 16 08:24:34 *	MiX-MaN has quit (Excess Flood)
Nov 16 08:24:43 <AlexNagy>	jimmiejaz: whatever.
Nov 16 08:24:52 <toropisco>	AlexNagy: it is there. I just don't have it
Nov 16 08:25:38 <AlexNagy>	toropisco: no, it's not.
Nov 16 08:25:42 <ljvb>	AlexNagy
Nov 16 08:25:47 <ljvb>	its in the book
Nov 16 08:25:49 <AlexNagy>	# svn checkout
svn:// /usr/ports
Nov 16 08:25:49 <ljvb>	sorta
Nov 16 08:25:52 <toropisco>	Here it is
Nov 16 08:25:59 <toropisco>	AlexNagy: DON'T
Nov 16 08:26:10 <toropisco>	AlexNagy: Use the mirrors in the page I
Nov 16 08:26:43 <AlexNagy>	toropisco: All I said is that the handbook
needs to be updated to reflect using an ro mirror.
Nov 16 08:26:54 *	dial_up (~dial_up at has joined ##freebsd
Nov 16 08:26:55 *	MiX-MaN (~MiX-MaN at chat.coffeenet.ORG) has joined ##freebsd
Nov 16 08:27:22 <AlexNagy>	I did, however, use the above mirror on
checkout, but I don't specify a mirror to use for updates. Not sure if
that matters.
Nov 16 08:27:30 *	lars_t_h (~lars_t_h at has
joined ##freebsd
Nov 16 08:27:55 <toropisco>	AlexNagy: Better use a mirror. The central
svn server should be left alone so the devs can work at ease.
Nov 16 08:28:20 <AlexNagy>	toropisco: fine, I'll specify a mirror in my
cronjob, but the handbook should be updated.
Nov 16 08:28:34 *	toropisco knows how frustrating it is to have an
overloaded svn server. Not fun. At all.
Nov 16 08:28:56 <toropisco>	AlexNagy: Take it to the devs. You'll have
more luck in the forums or the mailing lists.
Nov 16 08:29:53 *	DarkUranium (~quassel at has joined ##freebsd
Nov 16 08:29:54 <AlexNagy>	ljvb: I don't read the committers book
because I'm not a committer. // toropisco: then why argue with me? I
mean seriously. It was stupid. The User's handbook points to the central
repo, not my fault.
Nov 16 08:29:55 <toropisco>	Especially the mailing lists. That's where
the real actionis.

I can handle getting ripped a new one for something that is my fault,
but if this is how the central repo is generally viewed and anyone who
suggest following the handbook example is going to get ripped because of
it, it's not really user-friendly.

Yours in Christ,

Joseph A Nagy Jr
"Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction
is stupid." -- Proverbs 12:1
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