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Eitan Adler lists at
Fri Nov 16 15:30:26 UTC 2012

On 16 November 2012 09:36, Joseph a Nagy Jr <jnagyjr1978 at> wrote:
> I'm tired of getting the third degree on irc because of this even though
> it's not something I have control over.
> When I point someone to the User's handbook for using svn[0] instead of
> portsnap, I always seem to receive flack that the handbook points users
> to checkout on the central svn repo. I can see the wisdom in using a
> mirror, but I cannot fix the handbook and am frankly tired of being
> yelled at. Please fix this.

There is nothing wrong with using the central SVN server - it can
handle the load.
Use of a mirror is more for reduced latency on the downloader's part.

Eitan Adler

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