pkgng woes

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Fri Nov 9 12:32:22 UTC 2012

- I did not realize that pkg2ng did not convert correctly, until portmaster
started to try and install stuff that I knew was already on the system. Too
late now. My db was probably problematic to start with

 I have not tried portmaster with pkgdb yet but I understand recent versions
of it support pkgng[/quote]
- That's the point! pkgng broke my portmaster (and everyone else's) and now
I resort to slogging through stuff.

- I am planning on trying poudriere, installed it but have not gotten around
to setting it up. Plus I want a web interface using lighttpd and I have to
fiddle the instructions for jenkins to make it work. When I do set it up I
can do a complete re-install. I did want an up-to-date system until I got
around to it though.

I haven't used portupgrade in a few years, and I want to avoid going back to
dealing with it's database issues[/quote]
My sentiments exactly, but I am under the impression that pkgng and
portupgrade use the same sqlite pkg database (*pkgdb* is a portupgrade
feature) to track the installed packages, while portmaster is not quite yet
integrated into that sqlite db.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have to urgently migrate to poudriere it seems

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