FreeBSD Port: vtwm-5.4.7_3

Abc Xyz abc at
Thu Nov 1 14:57:25 UTC 2012

Yes, it seems that the default is to enable all possible
features, but my point is that it would be a little more
intelligent if "minimalist type packages" be built minimally,
since that is their intention, their functionality.  Some
software is clearly "minimalist", and "minimalist users"
want it that way.  I don't see the good reason to build
minimalist type software with "all possible features enabled".

I have a modem connection, so I can't download such big
packages for fun, but I believe the maintainer of VTWM
had rplay disabled by default, at least, I know it was
that way at one time, and I know it was his intention
for it to be disable by default, at least, at one time.

Yes, maybe I can get the source and modify things and
compile the port without the option, but - I can't imagine
most VTWM users want "rplay" or silly sound effects when
they are choosing VTWM for its minimalist design, and I
don't see the intelligence of burdening them like that.

OK, thanks for the reply.  I just wanted to add a viewpoint
that seems much more sensible to me, and user friendly.
There are dozens of other window managers that have
lots of glitter, VTWM users don't want that, or
why else would they choose it?

I am sure I am not alone in valuing all of your work
for FreeBSD - thank you all very much.


> > Why is "rplay" being packaged with VTWM?
> > VTWM is supposed to be a minimal no-frills
> > window manager (I have used it for 15 years)
> > and I very much dislike the added dependencies
> > for things I don't care to use and violate the
> > spirit of VTWM.  I wrote the programmer that
> > did this hack several years ago when he first
> > did it, and he promised he would undo it.
> > And now, I see it back again (still using 4.11,
> > was thinking of upgrading to 9.1).
> >
> > Please keep VTWM *minimal*.  If someone wants
> > fancy things like "network sound", I am sure
> > one of the more fancy window managers will do.
> If you build the port you can "make config" to set your resulting install 
> or pkg to have no sound.  The default setting in the Makefile enables 
> sound.

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