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Fri Mar 30 20:35:51 UTC 2012

On 03/30/12 19:55, Michael Scheidell wrote:
>    * Mandatory:
>          o When package changes (make package)
yes.  Lets call this #1

>          o When dependencies change (Adding USE_PERL/BUILD_PERL/GETTEXT
>            counts)
#1 covers this.

>          o When pkg-plist changes (except for fixing
>            .ifdef/NOPORT(DOCS|EXAMPLES))
#1 covers this, this is the OPTIONS case (default vs not)

>          o When the master port changes
#1 covers this

>          o When PORTVERSION CHANGES (must change back to 0, delete line)
#1 covers this.

>          o When you want to force a relink with an updated (fixed) library
#1 covers this.  This is in the library port itself.  The dependencies
figure this out.

>          o If a patch fixes something in the port
#1 covers this.

>          o If you add new functionality
#1 covers this.

>          o If you add/delete an OPTION
#1 covers this.  (default vs not default OPTIONS). If you count the end
user it doesn't matter if its off by default.

>          o If you change the default for an OPTION
#1 covers this.

>    * port committers have authority to bump PORTREVISION maintainer
>      (implicit) if the master port/library port/dependency port
>      requires any dependency to fit the list above.
not really relevant.

   * just fixing .ifdef/NOPORT(DOCS|EXAMPLES))
sure is relevant see above

   * if port was broken on any arch. (rebuilding on existing arch is a
     noop, and fixed arch didn't package anyway)

removing IGNORE,BROKEN do not require this b/c there was previously no

   * Fixing typo's in pkg-message, Comment
Yes, the package changes, but no the functionality doesn't, so this is

   * Updating port maintainer (new one or resetting port maintainer)

   * just petting portlint (<space> after name to <tab>), re-order sections


In short what you change is irrelevant. Does the resultant package
change. Yes or No.  The only question you need to answer is do we bump
if the resultant package changes for configs other than default.

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