Can please anybody with sparc64 try to build devel/py-pylib?

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at
Fri Mar 30 09:52:55 UTC 2012

Anton Shterenlikht wrote on 30.03.2012 13:43:
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 05:16:23AM -0400, Michael Scheidell wrote:
>> On 3/30/12 4:11 AM, Ruslan Mahmatkhanov wrote:
>>> Subj.
>>> This port is marked IGNORE on sparc64 for a long time, and I suspect
>>> that it's no more valid. Can please anybody with sparc64 provide me
>>> with a buildlog of devel/py-pylib (with IGNORE line removed). Thanks
>>> in advance.
> Seems fine on sparc64 r230787M:

Ok, thanks a bunch, Anton!

Michael, thanks you, I seems got all I need already.


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