[HEADSUP] pkgng 1.0-beta9 please test

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 30 09:12:46 UTC 2012


On behalf of pkgng crew, I'm happy to announce pkg 1.0-beta9
- changes:
  * query -f has been replaced by query -F when querying a package (file) for
consistency with pkg info
  * fix autoremove recursion
  * pkg set -o oldorigin:neworigin allow the user to modify the origin of a
packages (useful for MOVED)
  * several fixes on powerpc
  * pkg query evaluation expression now accept !=
  * pkg2ng is now able to migrate a local database without needed the ports tree
  * speed up pkg check by only loading the informations needed for the operation
it will do
  * code cleanup in the library
  * fix uname/gname lookup when creating packages
  * new periodic script for pkg audit
  * new keyword shlib, pkgng is able to load information about the needed shlibs
for a package (disable by default)
  * pkg info act as pkg info -a by default
  * new install timestamp in the package database, available using pkg query
  * pkg updating can now take a port name as argument to only show related
UPDATING informations)
  * -q (quiet) for install, delete, upgrade, update and autoremove
  * new ABI detection string

Concerning the new ABI, to be able to determine which package can be installed
on which destination, pkgng couldn't rely on the simple:
os version/machine, because some arches have incompatible ABIs. Can compute on
its own the ABI, the string is the followin:
.. means the arch specific extensions.

which means on:
 * amd64: freebsd:9:x86:64
 * i386: freebsd:9:x86
 * arm: freebsd:9:arm:eb:oabi:softvp

Be careful all the packages (.txz) files have to be rebuilt!!!
When binary upgradeing from pkg beta8, on amd64 do the following:
UNAME_m=freebsd:9:x86:64 pkg install -f pkg

on i386
UNAME_m=freebsd:9:x86:32 pkg install -f pkg

Bonus when run on a chroot/jail where ABI is different from the host, pkgng will
dynamically determine the destination ABI.

Please note that normally this will be the last beta version,

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