jabberd port doesn't come with any certificates and is not allowing authorization?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 07:57:55 UTC 2012

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Matthew Seaman <matthew at freebsd.org> wrote:
> On 29/03/2012 15:45, Kaya Saman wrote:
>> I've recently built the jabberd port and upgraded to the latest version: 2.x
> Actually jabberd2 (net-im/jabberd) is a completely different different
> project to jabberd14 (net-im/jabber) -- it's not "upgrading" so much as
> switching to a different piece of software.
> In any case, jabberd2 is the correct choice: it is being actively
> developed and is keeping abreast of the various XMPP extensions that are
> being published.

Ok so I'm on the right track then  :-)

>> I'm having major problems in configuring it though and was wondering
>> if someone could either give me a hand or help me generate
>> certificates for it which are mentioned in the config file but not
>> within the /usr/local/etc/jabberd directory.
>> I'm experiencing this issue:
>> Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] [, port=59032] connect
>> Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] got pre STARTTLS packet, dropping
>> Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] [, port=59032]
>> disconnect jid=unbound, packets: 1
> Your client is attempting to switch its connection to using TLS.  This
> is good, especially if you are using a SASL method of LOGIN or PASSWORD
> -- otherwise it would send passwords across the net in plain test.

Hmm... so I guess pidgin doesn't do non-encrypted connections then?

I totally agree with using encryption however, I just want to learn
how to setup jabberd first in its most basic state before getting more

>> This is my realm information:
>>     <id realm='jabber.com'
>>         pemfile='/usr/local/etc/jabberd/server.pem'
>>         verify-mode='0'
>>         cachain='/usr/local/etc/jabberd/client_ca_certs.pem'
>>         require-starttls='false'
>>         register-enable='true'
>>         instructions='Enter a username and password to register with
>> this server.'
>>         register-oob='http://srv.jabber.com/register'
>>         password-change='true'
>>     >jabber.com</id>
>>     <!-- or the default host
>>     <id password-change='mu' /> -->
>> jabber.com may publicly exist however, this is a trial done in Vbox
>> and totally offline just so I can understand the necessary mechanisms
>> involved as to learn how the jabberd server functions!
> You've got both 'register-enable' and 'register-oob' -- you probably
> don't want both of those, unless you do have an out-of-band method to
> create user accounts.

Actually to allow IM clients to register will be better, though later
on when I do a full implementation I will need to authenticate to
either PAM or AD.

> Presumably you have created the required server x509 certificate.  If
> you're doing it on the cheap, that means a self-signed certificate.  In
> which case there simply won't be a cain of CA certs to worry about.  I'd
> also recommend require-starttls='true'

I don't have an x509 cert, I discovered this though:


Is that what you mean or is the x509 different from the SSL self signed cert?

> Of course, there's a lot more to setting up jabberd than just this
> little section of one of the config files.

Means a lot more to learn....

>> I'm using Pidgin as the IM client who is configured like:
>> Username: user
>> Domain: jabber.com
>> Password: <secret>
>> Local Alias: user_alias
>> Use encrypted connections if available         <<<---***
>> Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams  <<<---***
>> Connect server: srv.jabber.com
> Those two marked items are not a good idea.  If you're using login to
> authenticate the SASL libraries expect you to use TLS to secure the
> transaction, and the way of least resistance is to do so.

Once cert has been created I will adjust accordingly!

>> On the client I keep getting: "Policy Violation" error.
>> It's really weird but there seems to be a lack of documentation as I
>> managed to find the stuff for jabberd version 1.4, for version 2.x
>> I've followed some URL's:
>> http://www.jms1.net/jabberd2/
>> http://www.indiangnu.org/2009/how-to-configure-jabber-jabberd2-with-mysqlpam-as-auth-database/
>> http://bionicraptor.co/2011/07/25/how-to-encrypt-jabberd2-communications/
>> http://bionicraptor.co/2011/05/20/how-to-install-and-configure-japperd2-with-mysql/
>> But still nothing is working, I believe it's to do with the security
>> as in using encrypted or unencrypted connections but I can't be
>> certain... there doesn't seem to be any mysql DB creation script
>> either that I could find??
> Look in /usr/local/share/doc/jabberd
> I originally implemented jabberd2 using a MySQL database, but have
> switched to PostgreSQL.  Which RDBMs you use won't make a whole lot of
> difference unless your traffic levels grow to pretty enormous levels.
> In fact, for a lightly used system, sqlite would be a reasonable choice.
>> Is there a fix or am I stuck??
> Well, I have jabberd2 up and running quite happily.  I don't remember
> setting it up as being particularly traumatic.  I just read the docco,
> followed the install guide here:
> https://github.com/Jabberd2/jabberd2/wiki/InstallGuide  (which is linked
> to from the jabberd2 home page at http://jabberd2.xiaoka.com/) and the
> comments in the sample .xml files and it all worked fine after the usual
> sort of testing and debugging.

Ok will check it out....... and hopefully understand more on jabberd
rather then going blind :-)

>        Cheers,
>        Matthew
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