INDEX build failed for 7.x

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Fri Mar 30 07:36:29 UTC 2012

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-7 - please wait.. Done.
Warning: Duplicate INDEX entry: lazarus-0.9.30

Committers on the hook:
scheidell wen 

Most recent CVS update was:
U editors/Makefile
U editors/lazarus-gtk2/Makefile
U editors/lazarus-gtk2/pkg-descr
U textproc/p5-ODF-lpOD/Makefile
U textproc/p5-ODF-lpOD/distinfo
U www/mediawiki/Makefile
U www/mediawiki/distinfo
U www/py-pywebdav/Makefile
U www/py-pywebdav/distinfo
U www/py-pywebdav/pkg-plist
U www/py-routes/Makefile
U www/py-routes/distinfo
U www/py-routes/pkg-plist

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