jabberd port doesn't come with any certificates and is not allowing authorization?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:45:40 UTC 2012


I've recently built the jabberd port and upgraded to the latest version: 2.x

I'm having major problems in configuring it though and was wondering
if someone could either give me a hand or help me generate
certificates for it which are mentioned in the config file but not
within the /usr/local/etc/jabberd directory.

I'm experiencing this issue:

Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] [, port=59032] connect
Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] got pre STARTTLS packet, dropping
Mar 29 16:33:48 JABBER jabberd/c2s[1498]: [8] [, port=59032]
disconnect jid=unbound, packets: 1

This is my realm information:

    <id realm='jabber.com'
        instructions='Enter a username and password to register with
this server.'
    <!-- or the default host
    <id password-change='mu' /> -->

jabber.com may publicly exist however, this is a trial done in Vbox
and totally offline just so I can understand the necessary mechanisms
involved as to learn how the jabberd server functions!

I'm using Pidgin as the IM client who is configured like:

Username: user
Domain: jabber.com
Password: <secret>
Local Alias: user_alias
Use encrypted connections if available
Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams
Connect server: srv.jabber.com

On the client I keep getting: "Policy Violation" error.

It's really weird but there seems to be a lack of documentation as I
managed to find the stuff for jabberd version 1.4, for version 2.x
I've followed some URL's:





But still nothing is working, I believe it's to do with the security
as in using encrypted or unencrypted connections but I can't be
certain... there doesn't seem to be any mysql DB creation script
either that I could find??

Is there a fix or am I stuck??



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