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Jerry jerry at
Mon Mar 12 13:31:37 UTC 2012

On Mon, 12 Mar 2012 13:19:40 +0100
Miroslav Lachman articulated:

> I really understand that you don't have a time or will to maintain
> more than 1 version of PHP - it is not an easy task. But what is the 
> difference between more versions of PHP in the ports tree and more 
> versions of Python, Perl, MySQL, Postgresql, Postfix... and many more 
> ports? There is always some reason why they are there.
> Some of them (Perl 5.8 comes to my mind) are/were in the tree for a
> long time after upstream EOL.
> Personally - I don't need older PHP versions for webaplications
> written by my-self, but there are many hosted websites depending on
> an older versions on our webhosting servers. Customers must wait for
> update from their vedors etc. Even some mainstream Open Source CMS
> and other applications lags behind PHP development.

The primary reason that so many older/EOL'd versions of programs are
still in existence is because by nature most individuals are just plain
lazy. Face it, man only invented electricity because watching TV by
candle light was not very convenient.

Seriously though, all too many users have to be dragged into the future
or else they will just rot in the past. If support for EOL'd crap was
implemented immediately, support for the newer versions would be
instituted lickety-split.

Jerry ♔

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