PHP 5.4.0 : lang/php54

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Mon Mar 12 12:19:44 UTC 2012

Alex Dupre wrote:
> Mr Dandy wrote:
>> May be more correctly set PHP 5.4 by default to lang/php5, and repocopy
>> current lang/php5 into lang/php53?
>> Probably current maintainer of php (@ale) has the plan ;)
> I've already created patches to update the current php5 port to 5.4. I'm
> waiting for fixes to other main php-related ports and the end of ports
> freeze to make them public and then commit them.
> I'm tired to listen at every PHP release that we should not update
> because everything broke (and on the other side people asking me when
> the port will be update, because it has incredible new features).
> Updating php port is a big task and will be done with the correct
> timing. Functions removed in php5.4 have been deprecated 10 year ago, if
> you still rely on them after more than 2 years PHP 5.3.0 has been
> released, then probably you should stick to lang/php52 port, or find a
> maintainer and a committer willing to create and maintain lang/php53.

I really understand that you don't have a time or will to maintain more 
than 1 version of PHP - it is not an easy task. But what is the 
difference between more versions of PHP in the ports tree and more 
versions of Python, Perl, MySQL, Postgresql, Postfix... and many more 
ports? There is always some reason why they are there.
Some of them (Perl 5.8 comes to my mind) are/were in the tree for a long 
time after upstream EOL.

Personally - I don't need older PHP versions for webaplications written 
by my-self, but there are many hosted websites depending on an older 
versions on our webhosting servers. Customers must wait for update from 
their vedors etc. Even some mainstream Open Source CMS and other 
applications lags behind PHP development.

Miroslav Lachman

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