General questions on packages and package path

Angelo Turetta aturetta at
Mon Mar 5 10:45:45 UTC 2012

On 05/03/2012 04:48, Super Bisquit wrote:
> New error is: /libexec/ Shared object "" not
> found, required by "".
> I have
> I'm running portupgrade -a -f on my machine.
That's a fault found in many ports. Hidden dependencies.
Many ports autoconfigure themselves to use external libraries if they 
are installed at build time. Too bad sometimes they are not registrared 
as dependencies in the port, so port management tools cannot guess the 
right upgrade sequence. icu has been previuosly upgraded but gtk was not 
On my server I've just worked around a bunch of such errors regarding 

Only way is manually rebuild the dependent port, in your case gtk, and 
then resume the automated build waiting for the next error.


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