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Mon Jan 16 23:40:21 UTC 2012

2012/1/16 ajtiM <lumiwa at gmail.com>:
> FreeBSD 9.0 is out, many people updated, new installation...KDE 4.7.4 is
> coming in the ports (I hope no) and now all this reinstallation for xcb-util.
> Is it not possible to synchronized a little with the other ports?
> I need to reinstall about 300 ports (KDE, Firefox, libxul, GIMP...).
> It is to much...

Du you use portmaster, or portupgrade ?

For me, also KDE and firefox user (~400 ports installed), portmaster
only wants to upgrade few ports...
Before the xcb-util update, during the ports tree freeze, my installed
ports were nearly up-to-date.

# portsnap fetch update
# portmaster -R -r xcb-util-0
===>>> The following actions will be taken if you choose to proceed:
        Upgrade xcb-util-0.3.6,1 to xcb-util-0.3.8,1
        Install devel/gmake
        Install devel/gperf
        Install devel/libtool
        Upgrade cairo-1.10.2_2,1 to cairo-1.10.2_3,1
        Upgrade glib-2.28.8_2 to glib-2.28.8_3
        Upgrade pcre-8.21 to pcre-8.21_1
        Install x11/xcb-util-renderutil

The only direct dependency on xcb-util is set by cairo. Please note I
use "EXPLICIT_PACKAGE_DEPENDS=yes" in my /etc/make.conf, that could
explain the difference ?

After the upgrade, KDE and firefox still work fine.

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