linux-f10-nss_ldap: my first port - be gentle :)

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu Jan 12 07:54:20 UTC 2012

On 12/01/2012 06:44, Da Rock wrote:
> I have a Makefile, pkg-desc, pkg-plist, pkg-message, distinfo. I also
> have the files hosted and the MASTER_FILES set to include the linux
> sites (just where the files are located). I am looking for a backup site
> to all that IF I can twist someones arm?
> I have triple tested it all in all iterations and its as smooth as now-
> no issues whatsoever. So what happens now? How does it get into the
> ports tree now? Can someone have a look see and test it before I submit
> this thing?

Run 'portlint -C' and fix anything it flags up -- well, within reason.
Sometimes portlint complains about things it shouldn't.

Then submit your port.  For a new port, you need to create a .shar of
the port directory, which you can attach to the PR like so:

    send-pr -a newport.shar

When filling in the PR in the editor it pops you into, you need to set
the appropriate field in the PR to 'change-request'.  No need to fill in
all the sections -- for ports PRs it's mostly 'Description' that gets
filled in.  Everything else is pretty obvious I think.

The comitter who works on the port will run it through tinderbox testing
and get back to you if there are any problems.



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