linux-f10-nss_ldap: my first port - be gentle :)

Da Rock freebsd-ports at
Thu Jan 12 06:49:35 UTC 2012

On 01/12/12 02:23, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 11/01/2012 16:10, Eitan Adler wrote:
>>>> post-extract:
>>>>>>                  .if defined(WITH_PAM)
>>>>>>                      PLIST_FILES+=lib/security/
>>>>>>                  .else
>>>>>>                      @if [ -f ${WRKDIR}/lib/security/ ]; then \
>>>>>>                          ${RM} ${WRKDIR}/lib/security/
>>>>>>                          ${DIRRM} ${WRKDIR}/lib/;
>>>>>>                      fi
>>>>                     ^^^^^
>>>> This is what's wrong.  In port Makefiles, it's .if, .else, .endif not fi.
>> You need both: .endif and fi in this case (the 'fi' is part of the shell script)
> Also the shell script part needs to be backslashed, and statements
> separated by semi-colons, like so:
>        @if [ -f ${WRKDIR}/lib/security/ ]; then \
>            ${RM} ${WRKDIR}/lib/security/ ; \
>            ${DIRRM} ${WRKDIR}/lib/ ; \
>        fi
> Looking back at the OP's previous posts, it's this backslashing thing
> which is missing: the (make) .if is properly closed with a .endif, which
> unfortunately got cropped in one of the replies upthread.
> Another point: its not usual to modify variables like PLIST_FILES or
> PORTDOCS as part of the post-extract target.  Usually that's done
> earlier in the Makefile before any of the actual make targets.
You were right Matthew.

It's all done now guys- what now?

I have a Makefile, pkg-desc, pkg-plist, pkg-message, distinfo. I also 
have the files hosted and the MASTER_FILES set to include the linux 
sites (just where the files are located). I am looking for a backup site 
to all that IF I can twist someones arm?

I have triple tested it all in all iterations and its as smooth as now- 
no issues whatsoever. So what happens now? How does it get into the 
ports tree now? Can someone have a look see and test it before I submit 
this thing?

As for the bsd.sites question: before I posted this I navigated to the 
sites in question, and they had messages to redirect to this URI that I 
have posted.

As for my own files, I can use release, updates, or testing. ATM its set 
to the testing files. Should I back that off a bit?

I set the portversion to the nss_ldap_version (264). What about the 6 do 
you think? It could be trickier...
The Makefile has lost weight - I trimmed it aggressively, but if I can 
cut it back further I'd be happy to know.

I've posted the shar to 
if people want to check it out. Please don't hold back if there is 
something I've missed.

I have a query on the tabbing - I have either ee or gedit (atm) how can 
I set them to the correct tab spacing?


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