FreeBSD Port: php5-5.3.8

Mark Felder feld at
Mon Jan 9 22:31:55 UTC 2012

On Mon, 09 Jan 2012 15:52:19 -0600, <alexus at> wrote:

> Hello
> I'm trying to migrate from REDHAT EL world to FREEBSD. We have a policy  
> of installing binary packages and stay away from compiling source code.
> I have FreeBSD-9.0RC3 and I did pkg_add -r apache22 pkg_add -r php5, so  
> now I have both packages installed but I can't get them to work  
> together...
> am I doing something wrong? or was it not meant to work together? or  
> there is something else needs to be done that I'm missing? if possible  
> I'd like to stay away from (/usr/ports), as we want to use packages only

The Apache module is missing and I don't know if there's a package for  
that or if you really do have to use ports. I've never tried using just  
packages for Apache+PHP.



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