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Jerry jerry at
Tue Feb 28 13:09:47 UTC 2012

On Tue, 28 Feb 2012 07:40:37 -0500
Michael Scheidell articulated:

> rarely, if ever have I found it necessary to hire someone to do the 
> actual porting for me, but if its a business case, and worth it, you 
> might mention it in ports@ (no, i am not offering..)  .  But you
> might consider it.
> (FreeBSD never needed to set up a 'bounty' system for people wanting
> to help pay for a port, have they?  I have seen this done on other
> open source projects, mostly to add features and re-arrange
> priorities, based on ca$h used as a voting system )

I suggested awhile ago that just such a system be setup. Numerous
times I have run into ports that are either marginally or severely out
of date and the maintainer has expressed no interest in updating the
port either because they no longer use it or does not have the required
time to accomplish the task. Creating an entity that would allow users
to request updates or porting of applications to FreeBSD would be a
boon to both the client and a potential developer. In today's economic
climate with so many highly trained coders out of work or in dire need
of additional cash, this concept could prove extremely beneficial to
many individuals.

I would be willing to work with a work group interested in determining
the feasibility of creating a working model for inclusion into the
FreeBSD architecture.

Jerry ♔

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