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Mon Feb 27 11:06:09 UTC 2012

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/165500            Weechat port broken on 9.0-RELEASE
o ports/165499            [MAINTAINER] www/piwik: update to 1.7.1
o ports/165497            [MAINTAINER] sysutils/lsof: update to 4.86B
f ports/165494            [UPDATE] devel/geany-plugins: update to 0.21
f ports/165490            [UPDATE] devel/srecord to 1.5.9
o ports/165483            [patch] graphics/sane-backends creates a circular rcor
f ports/165482            sysutils/lsof: lsof-4.86A,6 refuses to build on 8.3 pr
o ports/165474            [MAINTAINER] databases/pecl-mysqlnd_qc: [SUMMARIZE CHA
o ports/165468            New port: mail/notmuch
f ports/165464            x11-drivers/input-wacom is broken [patch]
o ports/165462            graphics/kphotoalbum should depend on marblewidget.12 
o ports/165430            [maintainer update] port sysutils/modules upgrade
o ports/165412            www/sarg: the download report only showed the host nam
o ports/165409            [UPDATE] www/MT: update to 5.13
f ports/165398            [PATCH] sysutils/bacula-server: upgrade to 5.2.6
o ports/165380            [patch] Unbreak net/msend on 9.0 + add rc script
o ports/165361            x11-wm/e17-module-mem counts memory incorrectly
s ports/165353            ports-mgmt/portupgrade can't parse date anymore
o ports/165337            new port: sysutils/fusefs-mp3fs <FUSE-based filesystem
o ports/165316            New port: www/etomite-cms PHP based content management
o ports/165308            sysutils/bsdadminscripts: pkg_upgrade fails to retriev
o ports/165304            x11-fm//FSViewer doesn't compile
o ports/165294            accessibility/redshift on freebsd 9 - intel icore I5 i
o ports/165251            [New port] net-mgmt/observium
f ports/165247            [PATCH] audio/alsa-plugins: remove parts of FreeBSD-sp
o ports/165227            [UPDATE] libgsf-1.14.22, goffice-0.9.1, gnumeric-1.11.
s ports/165226            ports-mgmt/portupgrade - unnecessary source package re
o ports/165204            sysutils/ipmitool should have periodic IPMI status che
f ports/165197            [patch] benchmarks/xdd: fix CPU detection slew of stri
o ports/165176            [PATCH] mail/dovecot: update to 2.0.18, mail/dovecot2-
o ports/165160            math/coinmp needs to use libtool
o ports/165139            [PATCH] astro/gpstk: update to 1.7
f ports/165138            russian/fortuneru: doesn't install files for other pop
o ports/165129            xfce - xorg - missing shared object in libxcb after re
o ports/165122            new port: cad/SystemPerl, SystemC perl library
o ports/165121            [MAINTAINER UPDATE] cad/p5-Verilog-Perl
o ports/165088            bad interaction between boost and gcc
f ports/165008            net-im/kmess-kde4 fails to connect
o ports/165003            [patch] audio/icecast 2.3.2 may leak memory and take e
o ports/164979            [maintainer update] net-p2p/retroshare: update to 0.5.
f ports/164941            [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] jamvm/classpath w/o jdk
f ports/164818            sysutils/tty-clock may be fixed on 9.0
o ports/164766            [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] audio/firefly patch daap.c for new
o ports/164714            graphics/rawtherapee fails to build
o ports/164659            security/py-fail2ban overwrite config files
o ports/164653            installation trouble of japanese/ebnetd
o ports/164581            [new port] cad/linux-eagle6
f ports/164563            games/sumwars can't run
o ports/164502            [patch] news/sabnzbdplus not starting on boot
f ports/164464            port sysutils/dvdisaster does not recognize drives on 
o ports/164355            misc/gpt will not install using pkg_add
o ports/164306            update mail/mailagent to 3.1.77 and utmpx fix
o ports/164277            new port: mail/roundcube-automatic_addressbook
s ports/164242            net/openafs port breaks with KERNCONFDIR and include
o ports/164199            Ports fail to acknowlegde newly created users
f ports/164181            [PATCH] www/xxxterm: Fix ssl_ca_file path and style
o ports/164177            audio/squeezeboxserver should require mysql 5.0 server
o ports/164060            net/ucarp doesn't work on FreeBSD 9.0-PRERELEASE
o ports/164055            sysutils/zfs-periodic: Test if scrubbing is in process
f ports/164029            [PATCH] graphics/bmeps fix build with databases/gdbm
o ports/164015            devel/php5-pinba: pinba crahes PHP when built with pro
o ports/163955            input packet for interface are counted twice
f ports/163897            [NEW PORT] sysutils/dstat: A versatile resource statis
a ports/163872            devel/ioncube and distfiles
o ports/163861            new port: devel/art A Resource Tracer (A resource trac
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
o ports/163806            New port: devel/arduino-lib-irremote: A Multi-Protocol
f ports/163800            net-mgmt/nagiosql: All files are Windows-converted
o ports/163766            multimedia/openshot fails to find "main" and "gtk" mod
o ports/163583            [patch] x11/kdelibs3 conflicts with openssl-1
o ports/163467            Ports using python 2.7 and "waf" intermittently hang o
o ports/163441            databases/couchdb multiple port installation issues.
o ports/163196            [NEW PORT] www/ocportal
f ports/163126            security/sshguard changed from syslog.conf to daemon b
o bin/162681   ports      pkg_add(1): new installer does not add doc packages
o ports/162676            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/ssgless: View ScreenOS configurati
f ports/162674            graphics/rawtherapee freezes after demosaic when tryin
o ports/162511            [NEW PORT] net-im/imspector-devel devel version of ims
o ports/162480            New port: net-mgmt/cacti-with-plugins Web-driven graph
o ports/162447            net/isc-dhcp41-server: starting with rc-script fails
o ports/162240            net/nss-pam-ldapd should allow openldap24-sasl-client
o ports/162221            9.0-RC1 new problem building lang/spidermonkey
s ports/162212            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: portversion -r doesn't work
s ports/162088            inconsistencies in locally generated INDEX file
o ports/162045            print/ghostview 1.5_2 coredumps on certain files
o ports/161894            New port databases/datamodeler: Database modeling tool
f ports/161701            New port: games/chocolate-doom Doom port
o ports/161690            New port: games/prboom-plus Port of ID Software's Doom
o ports/161578            devel/strace is not working
o ports/161441            New port: databases/4store
o ports/161271            [patch] x11/cl-clx: loading with clozure fails, dep-op
o ports/161268            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs fails to mount ntfs "invalid argu
o ports/161231            [NEW PORT] www/sencha-touch: The First HTML5 Mobile We
f ports/161148            New port: databases/infobright -- the infobright colum
o ports/161106            sysutils/openipmi is dropping core
o ports/161103            graphics/rawtherapee fails to build
f ports/161070            infinite loop for graphics/xfig on 9.0-CURRENT
f ports/160993            New port: security/sqlcipher
o ports/160861            New port: security/racoon-tool Manage setkey and racoo
s ports/160821            audio/libmp3splt: Building WITHOUT_ID3 fails
o ports/160539            [PATCH] security/botan: update to 1.10.1
o ports/160366            New port: misc/xmonad-log-applet An applet that will d
o ports/159874            [patch] sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt: respect local time
f ports/159728            sysutils/htop 0.9.0_1 is broken (does not show process
o ports/159636            [patch] net/freevrrpd: RC script for freevrrpd that co
o ports/159205            net-mgmt/zabbix-agent: No active checks on server: hos
o ports/159187            [patch] sysutils/am-utils patch to add nolockd to nfs 
f ports/159177            sysutils/muse on 8.2-STABLE
o ports/159121            net/freevrrpd: Make adv_int a runtime configurable opt
o ports/159003            devel/cross-gcc attempts to use $PRFIX/../../ranlib on
o ports/159001            devel/cross-gcc: 4.5.2 libiberty fails on missing sys/
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o ports/158904            [PATCH] finance/openerp-web: update to 6.0.2
s ports/158878            [patch] textproc/dadadodo assumes long is 32 bits
o ports/158781            New port: games/drcreep Platform Puzzle Game
o ports/158692            devel/cross-gcc: minor patch to enable arm-none-eabi s
o ports/158506            In multimedia/emotion leave only one backend enabled b
o ports/157320            [NEW PORT] databases/pecl-pdo_user: PECL classes provi
o ports/157301            [New port] net-mgmt/zbxlog: Syslog server receives mes
o ports/157109            conflict between net/netpipes and sysutils/timelimit
o ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/156362            New port: games/rftg Race for the Galaxy AI
f ports/155941            net/nepenthes: mwserv library support is not included 
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
o ports/155697            ports-mgmt/pkg_replace doesn't want to replace java/op
o ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/155070            NEW PORT: games/CastleVox - new fast strategy board ga
o ports/154897            emulators/open-vm-tools: Bug in open-vm-tools-313025_2
o ports/154711            security/heimdal: kadmin: hdb_open: hdb_open failed in
o ports/154682            net/iaxmodem: add rc script for running more than 1 ia
o ports/153429            [patch] Fix explicite uses of unzip in ports
o ports/153386            devel/valgrind does not build/include man pages
o ports/152915            russian/xmms v. 1.2.11_12 don't see cdinfo and tag's i
o ports/152899            devel/valgrind: unhandled syscall: 506
o ports/152236            [patch] x11/slim: Enable pam support, add hald and dbu
o ports/152118            New port: deskutils/linux-tahometer A worktime trackin
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
s ports/151662            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: upgrade of autoconf leaves old
o ports/151280            emulators/vmware-guestd6 port install error in /usr/po
f ports/150903            databases/dbf: options --sql / --csv does produce crap
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
o ports/150086            [NEW PORT] net-im/tkabber-plugins-devel: External Plug
o ports/150040            [patch] security/fwtk: plug-gw does not run on 64bit a
s ports/149817            [wishlist] ports-mgmt/portupgrade: portinstall -p opti
s ports/147242            ports-mgmt/portupgrade incorrectly remove old port whe
s ports/144769            [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portupgrade should have a configura
o ports/142743            [PATCH] devel/cross-binutils: installed by *-rtems-gcc
s ports/140364            [patch] ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel: #! line substitu
o ports/140273            [patch] ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel chokes on bsdpan 
s ports/140008            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: many papercut omissions on por
s ports/137958            [patch] ports-mgmt/portupgrade fails with recursive de
s ports/134714            ports-mgmt/portupgrade deletes user data without quest
s ports/131111            ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel: completely removes packa
s ports/129930            ports-mgmt/portupgrade - portinstall tries to install 
s ports/129891            ports-mgmt/portupgrade fails to recognize variations o
s ports/127889            ports-mgmt/portupgrade detects spurious failures and s
s ports/127019            ports-mgmt/portupgrade does not recognize fail conditi
s ports/126140            ports-mgmt/portupgrade runtime error
s ports/112818            ports-mgmt/portupgrade -a fails with database error
f ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil

161 problems total.

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