Please update lang/cmucl to 20c

C. P. Ghost cpghost at
Mon Feb 27 13:53:25 UTC 2012


any chance to see cmucl-20c (including cmucl-extras) in ports,
while at the same time keeping the current lang/cmucl as, say,
lang/cmucl19, because that version still supports non-SSE2

There's an x86-binary release for FreeBSD 8.2 on

And while I'm asking for it, could the cmucl port include
the sources (perhaps from the source release tar ball or
as part of the building-from-source process?) in such a
way that it is available from within lisp itself?

What I mean: when asking for example for
    (describe 'car)
you get among others:
    On Thursday, 4/23/09 03:28:55 am [-2] it was compiled from:
So it would be nice to have the symbolic directory target: point
to something like /usr/local/share/cmucl-20c/src/code/list.lisp


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