giflib in graphics/gdal

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Wed Feb 22 21:27:13 UTC 2012

On 2012-Feb-21 14:51:50 -0500, Steve Wills <swills at> wrote:
>> Is it correct to use portmaster -o graphics/giflib graphics/libungif
>Looks OK to me.

And then rebuild all ports that used libungif.

>> And thew next question is I have in /var/db/pgs bot giflib and libingif.
>> How can I find whic one is installed, please? Or are both?
>They install files to the same place, overwriting each other. So whichever
>one was installed last would be the one that's really installed.

It's not quite that simple.  Both install include/gif_lib.h but the
associated libraries have different names.  If you have both
installed, the most most recently installed will select which
include/gif_lib.h is used but the library used will depend on the
whims of the port's configuration tools.

>is they're very similar, so it didn't cause problems. Nevertheless, it's
>still a bad idea for them both to be installed, hence the addition of the
>conflict between them.

It's very unfortunate that the ports depending on libungif weren't all
cleaned up before the conflict was added.  The current situation is a
mess and, for many people, requires manual intervention to make the
ports system work.

Peter Jeremy
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