giflib in graphics/gdal

Steve Wills swills at
Tue Feb 21 19:51:52 UTC 2012

> I saw new gdal in ports...

Yes, the graphics/gdal port was updated to use giflib.

> My question is: in the /usr/ports/UPDATING is first uninstall libungif and
> than install giflib and reinstall all ports.
> Is it correct to use portmaster -o graphics/giflib graphics/libungif

Looks OK to me.

> And thew next question is I have in /var/db/pgs bot giflib and libingif.
> How can I find whic one is installed, please? Or are both?

They install files to the same place, overwriting each other. So whichever
one was installed last would be the one that's really installed. This is
the reason for the addition of the conflict between the two. The good news
is they're very similar, so it didn't cause problems. Nevertheless, it's
still a bad idea for them both to be installed, hence the addition of the
conflict between them.


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