ImageMagick/graphviz and gtk2/ghostscript

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Tue Feb 14 02:14:56 UTC 2012


for a web-based application I needed ImageMagick and graphviz. It looks
impossible to get out of X11 and glib, but it was a little weird that
gtk2 is pulled in.
The offender being devel/libgsf:
.if !defined(WITHOUT_GCONF) || exists(${LOCALBASE}/bin/gconftool-2)
USE_GNOME+=     gconf2

Is there a reason this isn't either an OPTION or has inverted logic?

Secondly, enabling truetype support in ImageMagick enables gs:
# Freetype (TrueType Font) support
LIB_DEPENDS+=           freetype:${PORTSDIR}/print/freetype2

I ripped that line out and it builds and installs just fine, but I
have no actual tests handy to see if it is working as expected. Also
configure shows:
FreeType          --with-freetype=yes           yes
GhostPCL          None                          pcl6 (unknown)
GhostXPS          None                          gxps (unknown)
Ghostscript       None                          gs (unknown)

The bad part is that if I would like to run the self tests:
. if !defined(_NO_IMAGEMAGICK_TESTS)
. endif

Reviewing history of the port, it was added 8 years ago in rev 1.166.
Is this dep still needed or are there tests I can do to obtain that
answer myself?

-- Mel

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