Installing executables with generic names

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Tue Feb 14 14:26:54 UTC 2012


I'm preparing a new port (net/udt), which installs a library with its 
header file and a handful of sample applications.

The applications are rather generically named: sendfile, recvfile, 
test... Having them in ${PREFIX}/bin
like that would be confusing.

I see two alternatives:

  * use a port-specific prefix for each binary: udt-sendfile,
    udt-recvfile, udt-test, etc.
  * use a port-specific subdirectory: ${PREFIX}/bin/udt/ (lua seems to
    do this)

The first is simpler for me, but might be a trouble for anyone porting a 
script in the future, which calls the binaries by their generic name...

Opinions? Thanks! Yours,


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