[CFT] Hadoop preliminary port

Bernhard Froehlich decke at FreeBSD.org
Mon Feb 13 09:27:12 UTC 2012

On 13.02.2012 09:48, Bleakwiser wrote:
> I was able to find some better information on the patch command 
> through
> wikipeida, their article on it is really great.
> However I'm still not clear on what files I'm supposed to download to 
> be
> running the patch on. I've dug around inside the .diff file with pico 
> a bit
> and it's rather cryptic. Lots of things are commented (I assume by +) 
> and I
> was also able to find some relevant man pages on 'patch' as opposed 
> to 'man
> diff' i was using earlier.
> The correct command would be 'patch -p1 < hadoop-1.0.0.diff' not just
> 'patch -p1' w/o any other arguments, which tells the patch program to 
> use
> the directory structure inside the .diff file. But perhaps piping the
> output of 'fetch' handles that all for me?
> However, we are getting way ahead of ourselves here and the same 
> thing can
> be accomplished with different syntax. W/o having the correct 
> software
> apply the patch to there isn't much sense in running the command at 
> all
> anyway. Since I'm not familiar with the rather cryptic contents of 
> .diff
> files I've wasted a good half hour just looking through it's contents 
> for
> some clue as to exactly what I need to be downloading. Of course 
> there is
> always the try and fail technique, where I would just simply try each 
> tbz
> off the site and try and fail until it worked... for some reason I 
> never
> liked that method.
> Thanks and again. I am defiantly not eleete enough to be helping test 
> this
> port so I'll leave it to those informed already on the list. I 
> wouldn't
> want to continue to waste anyone's time w/ trivial questions much 
> less
> waste hours and hours of my own time looking up syntax for nitche CLI
> utilities so take care and good luck with the port. It's defiantly a
> 'killer app' so for BSD's sake I hope you folks get it.
> And as promiced, the /facepalm of failure...
> /facepalm

There are at least 2 more ways to get hadoop. Clement has an 
account and is working on hadoop there. So you could just checkout his
svn tree and get the latest port:

1) just fetch his redports.org repository compressed as tar.bz2:

fetch http://redports.org/~clement/svn.tar.bz2
tar xvf svn.tar.bz2

2) you need devel/subversion installed for that

svn co https://svn.redports.org/clement/

Now you need to manually add the hadoop lines in GIDs/UIDs to your
/usr/ports/GIDs|UIDs files as well as copying over the devel/hadoop
directory to /usr/ports.

Bernhard Froehlich

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